What is a Driving School?

Driving Schools

Driving Schools provide a much bigger solution for learner drivers than your typical driving instructor who will operate as a sole trader. The driving school will have multiple driving instructors all of various levels of experience & various age. Some might be female, others might be male.

This level of choice alone can make it easier for a prospective customer to choose them over a sole trader instructor. Schools can also offer a wider choice of services. For example did you know many schools provide refresher courses for those that may have passed their test some time ago but haven’t driven in a long time?

The driving school can help you get your confidence back & so you’re back behind the wheel in no time. Furthermore, a  driving school can also teach Foreign Drivers the UK laws & procedures for our country. Obviously driving in different countries can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you’re used to driving on the opposite side of the road for example.

Getting used to driving in the UK is something that driving schools can prepare you for if you need that little extra assistance.

Driving schools can also prepare you for more advanced driving too. An example would be motorway driving which is an obvious next step for those drivers who have recently passed their test. Notice these services are beyond the traditional practice of teaching someone to drive. A driving school has the resources to provide these whereas it is highly unlikely a single driving instructor could provide such services.

Just how good is a driving school & how does it compare to the next? An simple way is to check out the school’s website. Many driving school’s operate a website & they will have a section that reviews their services. This is an area where past students can post their experience with the school & their driving instructor.

This kind of feedback can be invaluable to someone considering using the school’s services. Obviously use the review system with caution as it can be difficult to ensure reviews are authentic but coupled with other methods you can get an idea of how well a school performs.

Other ways to choose a driving school would be through friends & family who might have used the school’s services.  A little more authentic than the review system owing to the fact you know & trust that person’s opinion it’s another way to assist you.

Don’t always go off other people’s opinions though as everyone has different needs. For example you might be a quick learner whereas you might be receiving glowing reviews from someone whose instructor was a lot more patient & slower. Is that instructor right for you? Has the school other instructors that are more suitable to someone who is a fast learner?

These are some of things you might need to find out for yourself by contacting the school. You might be concerned with the cost of lessons or you might find how the school performs with regard to a first time pass rate more of an interest.

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