Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Guiseley area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Rudy Alfayed of Leeds passes his practical driving test at Thornbury Driving Test Centre on his 1st and only attempt.

Great result for Rudy as this opens up a new world of opportunity and independence for him.

We at Passed Masters wish Rudy the very best for the future.

“Prior to PMDS I had a bad experience with a young not very reputable instructor with very questionable teaching tactics and bad punctuality. It was important I found somewhere reputable to get my lessons from.

Due to PMDS’s reviews it seemed alright so it was a decision I could take with much less anxiety due to the reputation.
Mark was terse and it was necessary as he catches you on your dangerous mistakes and ingrains it in you to drive safer in a future similar situation.

Very objective and catches you on your smallest mistakes to improve your chances of a clean sheet test.
It was also appreciated that he booked me in right away after being contacted hahahah

Driving is hard and stressful with lots of things to think about and keep in mind whilst driving but its because of this that you grow as a person during training as well and it’s appreciated to have Mark stay objective throughout.

Will definitely be recommending to anyone who’s looking for driving lessons.”

Rudy Alfayed, Leeds

Another 1st time pass on the 5th of August as Rhianna Yetley of Leeds passes at Horsforth driving test centre.

Rhianna was a little nervous about taking the test but surprised herself with a fantastic result on her first and only attempt.

Rhianna can now go travelling as she was waiting to obtain her driving licence she now realises her dream.

We wish Rhianna the very best for the future from all Passed Masters Driving School.

“In the past I’ve had mixed experiences with driving instructors, so it was important to me to do it right this time and find someone who was patient, encouraging and calm.

Mark was all of these things, and instilled me with the confidence and skills I needed to pass my test during a really busy time in my life.

Learning to drive with Mark was a really enjoyable experience. He is an excellent instructor and I would definitely recommend him.”

Rhianna Yetley, Leeds

Massive congrats to Sam Scott of Leeds who passes his practical driving test on his 1st and only attempt at Horsforth Driving Test Centre.

Sam produced a great drive with only a few driver errors and gets his independence. You can pass too!

We wish Sam all the very best for the future.

“I picked Mark as my instructor because of all the positive reviews he has.

He is a calm and patient instructor who gave me the best advice with each driving lesson, which was instrumental in me passing my practical test on my first attempt.

If you’re a new learner driver or needing refresher lessons to get used to the roads, Mark’s your man!

Thanks Mark!”

Driving Lessons Guiseley

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Sam Scott, Leeds