Unique ALS – Accelerated Learning System.

We operate a Unique ALS – Accelerated Learning System to ensure you learn as fast as possible and also receive the maximum value for your money.

Let me expalin how it works!

All of our Driving Instructors have come through our internal and very comprehensive training program.

They have all had additional training on the client centred learning that the governing body (DVSA) promotes.

If you are a parent reading this, it will be so different than when you learnt to drive yourself!

You may recall driving around and around for hours until the task finally sunk in (learning by rote)

Driving Lessons “SHOULD” now be interactive, and client centred, where the student is able to discuss and choose their learning process.

This is proven to accelerate the learning process and as a result save money in wasted time and frustration.


We use unique driving lessons record sheets to ensure that both our instructors and their students adhere to best practices.

Lesson Sheet Example:

What was previously agreed for today’s lesson objectives?

What are the pupil’s goals for this lesson?

Were there any other areas identified for continued development by the Trainer or pupil?

How does your pupil want you to help them achieve their lesson goals?

Reflecting on the lesson goals-
Does your pupil feel they have achieved their lesson goals?

In what areas does the pupil think they have improved and what are they doing differently in comparison to previous lessons?

What does your pupil feel they need to work on next, why?

If you make any suggestions on what to cover next, why do you suggest this?

Date, time and meeting place of next lesson-

Signed by pupil and the instructor that both are in agreeance with what was agreed, what was actually covered and the outcome of the lesson.

We go to great lengths to ensure all of our instructors are providing the same high standards of tuition that I would offer personally and that has enabled us to build one of the most successful Driving Schools in the area.

As part of our quality assurance process, we send all of our students an instructor feedback letter (see image) where they have the opportunity to “score” and evaluate their instructor’s performance across eight different categories.

We use the feedback to either send praise to the individual instructor where its due or use the feedback to offer continued training to ensure we maintain very high and consistent service.