“Prior to PMDS I had a bad experience with a young not very reputable instructor with very questionable teaching tactics and bad punctuality. It was important I found somewhere reputable to get my lessons from.

Due to PMDS’s reviews it seemed alright so it was a decision I could take with much less anxiety due to the reputation.
Mark was terse and it was necessary as he catches you on your dangerous mistakes and ingrains it in you to drive safer in a future similar situation.

Very objective and catches you on your smallest mistakes to improve your chances of a clean sheet test.
It was also appreciated that he booked me in right away after being contacted hahahah

Driving is hard and stressful with lots of things to think about and keep in mind whilst driving but its because of this that you grow as a person during training as well and it’s appreciated to have Mark stay objective throughout.

Will definitely be recommending to anyone who’s looking for driving lessons.”

Rudy Alfayed, Leeds